Historical Society

The Plockton Historical Society

Plockton Historical Society was set up in August 2007 with the aim of identifying and preserving material of local historical interest. It was felt that there was an urgent need to take stock of what was available and work towards safeguarding it for the future.

As a first step people were asked to lend photographs and other documentation for an exhibition. ‘Plockton as seen by the people of the village’ was structured around these individual collections. A second exhibition brought in contributions from other villages including Achmore and Strome and the crofting communities of Drumbuie, Duirinish and Barleyport. The material for both exhibitions was scanned and printed and now forms the basis of our archive.

These personal collections are of great significance, often having been handed on within families from one generation to another. We are indebted to everyone who has lent material and thus contributed to the development of the archive. As further material comes in and the archive evolves it will provide a valuable resource for those wanting to explore and understand the history and culture of the area.

Another aspect of the Historical Society’s work is the ongoing programme of talks on local cultural heritage. Topics have included Iain Macmhurchaidh: the Kintail Bard, The Significance of the Matheson Clan in Lochalsh, The Origins of Plockton, Thomas Telford’s work in the Highlands, the History of the Stromeferry — Kyle Railway, Mining for Talcum and Gold in Lochalsh and the Photographs of Duncan MacPherson. There is a wealth of local knowledge to draw upon and the talks have attracted a great deal of interest.

The Society sees itself as part of the growing local history movement in the Highlands and would like to liaise with other groups involved in similar projects. We encourage those with an interest in our work to get in touch and would particularly like to hear from anyone engaged in local research. Our events are open to everyone and we welcome new members.