Red Squirrels, Reintroduction

Further to the public meeting at the Village Hall on 24 October 2016, this verbatim from Barbara Macritchie, Estate Conservation Officer, NTS Balmacara:

The meeting went well on Monday. We had thirty one people attend. Becky Priestly, Trees for Life Wildlife Officer and Red Squirrel reintroduction Project leader explained the project, some background, about previous introductions and how the Plockton reintroduction would proceed. She then answered a number of questions from the audience and we collected the names of eight volunteers who offered to help with feeding the squirrels in the initial six month feeding period. There appeared to be a general feeling that it was a good project and that it would be good for the area of Plockton.

The plan is to release between twenty five and thirty squirrels between NTS ground and land managed by Tilhil (forestry company) in mid to later November. It is anticipated that squirrels will be seen in Plockton reasonably quickly and if successful will spread from there in time.